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Three Leagues are Better Than One

By: Uncle Randy

Prior to entering its game with Oakland University on Tuesday, Marygrove College will already have a 3-1 lead over the school just 30 minutes north on I-75.This lead is not points, but league affiliations, something the Mustangs know a lot about. Being a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the Association of Independent Institutions (AII), as well as the United States Collegiate Athletic Associations (USAA), it would be appropriate to say they aren’t too picky as to where they get their action. This alphabet soup, amalgamation of athletic associations can be confusing when trying to recruit kids to the team. At first Coach Dave Sichterman tried to combine them into one acronym, but NAIAAIIUSCAA does not roll off the tongue and rather resembles some sort of Greek deity. Now he just explains that based on the fact Marygrove is recruiting them, their talent level must be such that they should be happy to be receiving any attention to play college basketball. Forget being picky about conference affiliation.

Oakland University is only a member of one paltry little association know simply as the NCAA. As a result, Marygrove sees its trio of league affiliations as a competitive advantage over OU. To paraphrase a speech made by Coach Sichterman a few years ago after some game, Marygrove is “very experienced” due to the diversity in leagues and the confusingly titled university names that the team plays throughout the year. I mean seriously, you try saying Kuyper College five times fast.


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