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Marygrove College satisfied with .500 finish in Oakland University Intramural League

Marygrove College wrapped up their season in the Oakland University top flight intramural basketball league Thursday with a hard fought 33-27 loss to to Hill Hall Ballaz. This brought their unexpected .500 season to an end, and gives them a boost of confidence going into their “game” against the Golden Grizzlies this Tuesday. Having consumed nearly a third of their overall athletic budget to pay for Rec Center passes in order to be eligible to play in the league, most in the athletic department are pleased with the progress made.

Some of the fraternity teams gave them some troubles physically in their first two games, but thankfully the schedule worked out in their favor and they played two academic clubs to get them back to .500. After a last second win against some students who played junior high ball together, their season ended versus a team called the Fighting David Caruso’s. Junior OU marketing major Micheal Burr caught fire sporting his Motion City Soundtrack shirt and a slick jumper which hammered home the final nail in the Marygrove Mustang coffin.

“I never played in high school, we just thought it would be funny to have a team called the Fighting David Caruso’s. We chose basketball because co-ed dodgeball was all filled up. We are a little worried about all of us being able to get off work to play in the playoff game, but hopefully it will work out,” Burr said after the game.

The game had an attendance figure of 14, which nearly doubles the crowd which Marygrove normally plays in front of. This may have led to the Marygrove players’ nervousness, but did not affect Burr, mostly because the crowd consisted primarily of his girlfriend and her friends.

The Mustangs are looking forward to playing in an actual arena for a game and are also looking forward to using jerseys instead of pennies for uniforms.


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