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Jaguars move up to seventh in palindrome basketball rankings

by Ivee West

The IUPUI Jaguars moved up in the palindrome university basketball rankings this week, narrowly beating out LTUTL, but coming four votes behind CUNUC for the sith spot.

The palindrome university basketball rankings are made up of schools who meet a strict criteria:

1.)  The school’s abbreviation must be a palindrome (the same backwards as it is forward)

2.)  The school must have at least 5 letters in their abbreviated name.

The rankings were created in 1923 by Arthur T. Chester to, in his words, “give these schools with stupid names a place where, for once in their pathetic lives, they can be number one at something.” A total of 37 schools make up the rankings, and IUPUI has made it as high as third on the list in the past.

“It’s something we strive for,” says coach Ron Hunter.  “We have been coveting that number one spot for a while now. Hopefully this can be the year we finally make it to the top.”

Adding teams to the rankings has not been without its fair share of controversy. In 1986 Racecar University (a liberal arts school named for John R. Acecar) attempted to get themselves added to the list, but failed because of criteria one.

“It is definitely a long term goal of ours to reach number one on these rankings,” Hunter continued. “I mean, we will never be ranked number one in anything meaningful, so I guess the palindrome list will work, although I must say, we are still trying to figure out what the hell a palindrome is.”


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