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HCP legitimatized by OU Facebook status; hipster HCP fans revolt

Story by Sparky McKay

In the recent wake of a social media boom on the Facebook page of The Half Court Press (HCP) after a bold mention on the Oakland University Facebook page, dissension has arisen among the ranks of some of HCP’s more long-time fans. Complaints ranging from “selling out to the greedy, corporate man” to “having an actual name” have pushed away some of the first adopters of the HCP’s philosophy that you can even write satire about college basketball, away from the growing fan base of the newspaper.

Danny Malendowski, a recent OU graduate, spoke about his early adoption of the paper and their mission, “In the beginning, I mean, they published some great stuff…and they still do! They had great headlines and some great look-a-like comparisons; the one about comparing that player to Ellen DeGeneres was the best. Unfortunately, I have a strict policy that I ‘unlike’ anything on my Facebook profile that has more than 200 likes. I mean c’mon, liking something that mainstream would be like…I don’t know…liking Nickelback.”

Unfortunately, Malendowski’s comments are not isolated. Another hipster HCP fan, Alex Schwagle, a 2011 OU graduate, poignantly noted while sipping his latte’ that “…despite HCP’s mainstream success, by which I can longer abide, I’ll have to cut them loose. Why should I follow a newspaper that doesn’t even have a Twitter that I can follow on my iPhone?”

In light of this recent upheaval in fan support, our official statement stands on this non-issue, “For whoever doesn’t believe in us, just know this: We started as six guys in a room (and one on a webcam) who all loved OU basketball and wanted to support it in the best way possible, with a little sense of humor. We never strayed from that dream; our dream just got bigger.”

Coach Kampe was apparently equally shocked by this new development, giving us no quotes, only this look of pure shock:


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