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Half-court Press Headline/Article Writing Contest

This is it friends! Your chance to show that you are better than the Half-court Press staff at coming up with witty and chuckle-provoking headlines and articles!

You may be thinking to yourself ‘but Ivee, I know that I am smarter than you all. How can I tangibly prove this intellectual superiority in way which is evident to all my friends?

This is a valid concern! Just submit your article headline for the North Dakota State game to the ouhalfcourtpress@yahoo.com. You can either write the full article or just the headline. Remember, anything about Oakland, North Dakota State, their players, our players, Bison, Grizzlies, Grizzlies eating Bison, or any other combination related to Oakland basketball/making fun of North Dakota State basketball is fair game.

If you feel super email-impaired, just post to our wall or comment on a status with your entry. We’re flexible here folks!

Later on we will post the best ones to our facebook page, with voting, ballot counts, hanging chads, etc.

The one who wins in the voting will be published in the homecoming edition of the Half-court Press! If that isn’t a carrot, I don’t know what is.

So remember, submit your entries as soon as possible to the ouhalfcourtpress@yahoo.com and let the humor fly!”

Remember: Words. Smiles. Basketball Fans.


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